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Peninsula Access also offer traditional and conventional types of civil engineering to meet client’s needs. Our team of engineers are on hand to fulfil all types of projects including foot bridge design and installation, weir repairs, ground works, demolition, site clearance and propriety works. Our experienced site teams hold all relevant certification, experience and training to undertake a magnitude of projects. We pride ourselves on providing conventional civil engineering capabilities whilst combining our difficult access skill base to tackle the more onerous sites.

Examples of our civil engineering works are listed below:

• Bridge & Culvert Rehabilitation:

As part of our primary work type, we combine our access capabilities and engineering knowhow to undertake numerous bridge rehabilitation works. The works generally include masonry, concrete and steel repairs to a wide variety of bridge types including, reinforced concrete reinstatement and protection, member replacements, coring, masonry pinning and re-pointing, and vegetation removal. This type of work can be combined with our inspection and survey capabilities to provide clients with a wholistic works package. Access to undertake these works can be carried out by a mixed safe practice of works including industrial rope access, confined space, commercial diving, working at heights (MEWP’S & PASMA).

FAAM Before

FAAM After

• Footbridge Design, Decommissioning and Installation

Our engineers provide a full package of works as principal contractors to provide services from conception right through to completion for any projects. Including the demolition of existing structures, site surveys and the design and build of the replacement structure.

New Footbridge


• Services Installation

Installation of water and electrical underground services including reinstatement and resurfacing works of macadam and concrete surfaces.

Our team of ground workers are trained with ‘Street works supervisor’ accreditations and can plan and fulfil a magnitude of Traffic Management requirements to conduct works in a safe and reliable manner in line with CDM regulations and chapter 8 of the traffic manual.

pdfCase Study 2 – Start Point Light House


• In-Water works, including Weir Remediation, Rock Armour Grading and Scour Protection:

Peninsula access are experienced in undertaking numerous in-water works in conjunction with our partners ‘Dive and Marine Contractors’. These works are often remedial works identified from our hydrographic surveys, Underwater scanning, and dive inspections. To this date we have successfully undertaken substantial repair works to structures located in watercourses and port facilities working inline with the Environment agency guidelines.

These work types can range from steel or concrete pile repairs/replacement, underwater concreting, weir repairs and fish pass installation and construction as well as scour protection and rock gabion installation.

• Improvement works

Peninsula Access teams specialise in undertaking quick and efficient solutions to our clients’ needs in challenging situations in a cost efficient and safe manner. Our repair and maintenance division is known for its fast and effective response times and operate on a 24 hour call service utilising all of our access skill sets.

Our repair and maintenance services include:

• Structural works including: Concrete, steel and timber repairs
• Member and bolt replacement
• Bolt testing
• Bird net installation
• Services replacement
• Roofing repairs
• Cliff stabilisation including, de-vegetation, felling rock drilling and netting
• Protective coating design, implementation and testing
• Safety apparatus installation and testing
• And more:

• Invasive Species Removal and Advice

Peninsula Access are actively involved in invasive species control both above and below water. Our sister company Dive and Marine Contractors can tackle invasive infestation in both land or aquatic habitats, including, Japanese knotweed, Himalayan balsam and zebra mussels.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

• Site Survey and Mapping
• Drafting Site-specific Management Plans
• Production of Tendering Documents
• Site Supervision
• Post-treatment Monitoring
• Project Management
• Site Excavation and Management
• Implementation of Control Measures
• Ecological Impact Statements
• Biodiversity surveys

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